5 of the Most Interesting Scientific Discoveries of All Time

Where would our lives be without science? Well, maybe we would be long dead or be living in a troublesome world. The discovery of science is something that differentiates human beings from the other mammals in the universe. It is the driving force behind every substantial innovation that has been made over the millennium. Now, suppose we talk about the top five best discoveries of all time. How can we index them concerning their significance to us? Well, do not worry. Here is a list of the best five discoveries that have been made over the years.


  1. The Invention of the Wheel

It is hard to figure out the world we would be living in without the existence of the wheel. Just imagine how things were performed before it was invented. The history of the wheel dates back to the 3500 BC. Apart from the wheel being used to ferry people and huge objects from one place to another, most of the current inventions would not have been realized were it not for the wheel. It is worrying that the inventor was not credited for genuinely transforming the life of humankind. However, we can thank the early inhabitants of Mesopotamia.


  1. The Discovery that the World is Round


Most people think that the world is flat. However, the world isn’t flat. It is round! Most people would not have guessed this discovery by themselves. It is not like people on the South Pole are walking upside down. Columbus didn’t discover this fact; he was fully occupied with smallpox. Some boat riders thought that they would fall off at the edges of the ocean.


  1. The Internet


It is probably the critical technological innovation of our time. It is an extraordinarily a combination of engineering and physics in its way. The internet has made a significant impact on our lives since people can connect all over the world from the comfort of their sofas. People can then share the information and some researchers. You can find even the smallest information like hypoallergenic non shedding dogs or the best food available. Imagine a world without the internet. We would not have the social media pages we have today like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp among others. The internet is also being used to fund other scientific discoveries.


  1. The Invention of Electricity


We have to thank Michael Faraday for this significant discovery. Electricity makes our lives more comfortable. Faraday made two discoveries that changed the humankind lives. In one of his invention, a wire carrying current and placed on a magnet resulted to the wire rotating. The innovation gave birth to electric motors. After a decade, he produced electric current by moving a wire via a magnetic field. The invention gave birth to the first generator.


  1. Discovery of Fingerprints


One of the mysterious discoveries is that of fingerprints. It is proven that every individual on this planet possesses unique fingerprints. The invention entirely altered the way the law enforcement and investigation departments conduct their investigations. In the current world, Jack the Ripper would probably be caught. Jan Evangelista Purkinje discovered this fingerprint fact in the year 1823. However, it took some time for the fact to be completely acceptable. In the modern world, this discovery is utilized in everyday police tasks.


The above are some of the best scientific discoveries of all time. But do visit our site to see some other influential discoveries.


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